Updated CPF Strategy - 19-4-22

Considering the reduction in a wide range of government restrictions, KartSport New Zealand has now changed its guidance system going forward. A one page PDF with a simplistic explanation of our Covid Protection rules can now be found here. 

Please note: There is no longer a requirement for tracks to submit a Covid Safety Plan before receiving a permit, however they must display this new document above on their notice board in their track clubrooms.

Update to KartSport NZ CPF - 5/4/22

With recent changes to the CPF or ‘traffic light system’, KartSport New Zealand has continued to stay updated and work through information from both the government and Sport New Zealand. Below are a few points to note ahead of future events, with more information and a overhaul of our H&S documents/pages via the KSNZ website to follow.

OFFICIAL ADVICE AS AT 5/4/22:As per government guidelines, KartSport New Zealand is no longer requiring the use of My Vaccine Pass for events, but is advising the following;

  • As KartSport events include both indoor and outdoor aspects of the Covid Protection Framework, plus Sport NZ protocols, masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces, i.e. clubrooms, tech shed, stewards rooms etc, with exemption given during seated food and beverage consumption.
  • Clubs have the right to add additional controls or require vaccination passes at their Group F events and in conjunction with affiliated promoters (if Group E / hosted events). In doing so Clubs are advised to use the Worksafe / MBIE risk assessment process as references for their assessment. If a Club / Promotor does apply higher controls then KSNZ must be advised and this information contained on the permit, supp regs, all media, marketing, communications and KSNZ website for Driver/Race official information.


As you may be aware, the government has today announced changes to the Covid Protection Framework, with this having an affect on all sporting events especially. While we work on updating all our Covid/Health & Safety information, a few key notes are available here;

1. All outdoor capacity limits will be removed from 11:59pm Friday 25th March. This in practice will see the removal of defined bubbles at race venues. QR code scanning will also be scrapped at this time. 

2. Wearing of masks outside is no longer mandatory and a decision to wear one is based on personal preference only. Face masks are still recommended as an extra precaution against Covid. 

3. Indoor capacity limits have increased to 200 people, but rules around being seated and socially distanced are unchanged. This may affect your local clubrooms for example.

4. Masks are still required in most shared/indoor areas.

5. No major changes to self-isolation rules which will likely still continue to impact the sport significantly as crucial personnel become unavailable.

6. Vaccine passes will no longer be required from 11:59pm Monday 4th April. 

*Any information below this text is currently under review. Please check back later in the week for more updated information.