KartTalk: Tuesday 18 August 2020

  • Covid19 Update & Calendar
  • Mini 950 Chassis Statement
  • Dillon Photography Photo Shoot Auction
  • Conference of Clubs Postponed

Events & Covid19 Level 2 & 3

Great to see KartSport New Zealand and Clubs continuing to operate Club Days in Level 2 regions across the county.  With Auckland now in Covid19 Level 3 has sadly seen Prokart's next round postponed, on that note KartSport is working hard and making every attempt to continue to manage Group E and hosted events in a fully compliant manner. Updates to follow soon regarding Hawkes Bay Blossom meeting, Island's etc


Thank you, everyone, for your understanding in these difficult times and a big vote of thanks to all staff and volunteers working so hard to keep us on track in C19.

Mini 950 Chassis Statement

KartSport wishes to restate and remind all Cadet ROK and Mini Rok 950 competitors and of the rules, history and process as it relates to using compliant Mini 950 Chassis. CLICK HERE for KartSports recent statement

Also a friendly reminder to all drivers and guardians:

  • Social Media comments, allegations and rumours: Please refrain from posting or commenting on social media and or harassing fellow competitors and or officials especially if you are not in possession of the facts.
  • Questions: Any concerns or questions related to competition should first be addressed by checking KartSport rules and then if further clarity required by contacting our Competitions Department.
  • Competitors are reminded that it is their responsibility to have on hand at events, homologation papers for their respective chassis. Ref Rule K5.1. Known papers and chassis lists are HERE.


Dillon Photography Photo Shoot Auction Today

iKartSport’s GT3 Series sponsor, Dillon Photography’s award-winning lensman Chris Dillon has donated a “Photoshoot” to auction with a value of $1,200. All funds raised go towards the running costs for iKartSport’s weekly SIM series racing.  

Photo Shoot Auction: Chris will tailor make your photo session for sponsorship proposals or simply for posterity: Perhaps a photo shoot with your driver, kart, race car, SIM or whatever. Perhaps a montage of collectible shots of your classic automobile, family photos, corporate headshots, you name it. Dillon Photography delivers outstanding award-winning imagery. https://dillon.co.nz

Value $1,200. Not including travel costs if applicable. Search Trademe "Dillon Photography iKartSport" Auction closes Tuesday 18 August at 8.15 pm

Visit: https://dillon.co.nz https://www.instagram.com/dillonphotonz/

iKartSport is the SIM racing division of www.kartsport.org.nz 

KartSport 2020 AGM: Now To Be Held On Zoom

The recent New Zealand government's Covid19 lockdown levels increased to Level 2 for the nation & 3 for Auckland KartSport's Conference has been postponed and the AGM will now be held by electronic means (Zoom) 

On behalf of your Executive, Competitions and Support Team.

Eyes Forward, StaySafe & Be Kind