(Auckland Alert Level 2 Extension) #23Sep20

The Government has announced the extension of Alert Level 2 restrictions for Auckland with the recommendation that "You’re encouraged to behave as if you’re carrying your extra restrictions with you" 

Effective midnight Wednesday 23 September Auckland moves to Alert Level 2. The government is advising Aucklanders not to attend events or gatherings that are larger than 100. This is designed to protect those in Level 1 regions and reduce the chance of a significant new cluster being sparked should an Aucklander be carrying the virus and attending a large event.

KartSport New Zealand is committed to the safe and socially responsible continuation of KartSport in a COVID-19 environment. KartSport plays an important role in the New Zealand community, from contributing to the local economy with both jobs and financial support to providing participation and entertainment for many New Zealanders all over the country.


A number of clubs and promoters have expressed concern that Aucklanders are travelling to events including Club Days that exceed their home 100 person cap and go against the government recommendation. In most cases, the clubs and or promoters have at-risk locals attending and Kartsport New Zealand likewise has regional and or local employees and volunteers attending these Level 1 events.

KartSport is one big family and as such we must be considerate of our friends, colleagues and whanau. 

KartSport New Zealand recommends members and clubs to uphold and adhere to the Governments Covid19 Alert Level restrictions not to travel to regions where events exceed 100 attendees. Clubs and members to act accordingly. (100 is the current cap for Alert Level 2 residents,  this cap may change)

KartSport New Zealand advises that all management staff, officials and volunteers on official KartSport New Zealand work or duty must abide by the government Covid19 Alert Level recommendations.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding in these difficult times and a big vote of thanks to all staff and volunteers working so hard to get us through Covid19.

Any queries please contact your support team: Risk - Shane Sampson. Competitions  - Warrick Parkes

Graeme Moore on behalf of the Executive and Support Team.

President KartSport New Zealand