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Power users and or advisors are: Lance Hickey (National Track Safety Inspector) Jeanette Smith (Admin Manager)

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No live timing (Contributor Jeanette Smith, 26Jun20 J)

Issue: No live timing: checked the distribution tab in Orbits – all the lights that should have been green were – so we were transmitting. No, it's not the stratosphere

Cause: Mylaps Europe have changed ‘something’ – without testing the ramifications & this glitch hasn’t affected everyone – some of you may be OK. 


  •  Because the country field in race portal.speedhive is not set so the live timing is in ‘world’ not the country 
  • Here is the link to set your country - 
  • For those of you with events this weekend, like me please give it a whirl. and let me know the outcomesIf you’re not racing this weekend maybe sit tight until this weekends crash test dummies do their bit – I will keep you all posted

Random Race Control: 

Issue: Race started and wrong class set Next Race is out the gate & you’ve set the purple/warm-up flag. As the karts cross the loop all you’re getting is transponder numbers   Whoops!

Cause: You’ve started the wrong class


  • Hit the stop flag. 
  • Find & start the correct race – you’ve got time before they rock around again. 
  • Get that race started – the system will take care of it while you take a breath
  • Now, go back to the one you started by mistake & ‘clear’ it.