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  1. Asking yourself "What can I do for KartSport?"
  2. Are you looking to join a team of like-minded volunteers?
  3. Want to travel the country while giving back to our kids from 6-70 plus?
  4. Would you like to be trained in all manner of skills from on-track etiquette or technical scrutineering or coaching and leadership?

No previous experience necessary to be welcomed to our “family’ of volunteer officials and support teams

Positions Available For:

  • Technical Officers: For the mechanically minded 
  • Race Officials: For those who see themselves helping administer, guide, and yes even mentor/coach the next Scott McLaughlin (KartSport Patron)
  • Race Control
  • Pit Gate Control
  • Flag Marshals and more

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    1. Complete the application form HERE (or email our Competitions Manager HERE)
    2. We will connect you with a local club and our Training Co-ordinator
    3. Commence Training
    4. Go Racing!


    • This is a volunteer position
    • Travel, accommodation and meals allowances apply
    • All applicants considered
    • Event Calendar CLICK HERE
    • Local Clubs CLICK HERE

    Warrick Parkes

    Competitions Manager 

    KartSport New Zealand


    For most Clubs in New Zealand, the struggle is to find the required level of Race Officials to meet their Clubs Safety Plan to enable them to run a club day, and even before COVID19

    For this reason, KSNZ many years ago introduced a Grade Four Race Official option. To become a Grade Four Race Official is a two-step process, completing some online training modules and then assisting at a club day under the supervision of a Grade One, Grade Two or experienced Grade Three Race Official for one club day.