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  1. Asking yourself "What can I do for KartSport?"
  2. Are you looking to join a team of like-minded volunteers?
  3. Want to travel the country while giving back to our kids from 6-70 plus?
  4. Would you like to be trained in all manner of skills from on-track etiquette or technical scrutineering or coaching and leadership?

No previous experience necessary to be welcomed to our “family’ of volunteer officials and support teams

Positions Available For:

  • Technical Officers: For the mechanically minded 
  • Race Officials: For those who see themselves helping administer, guide, and yes even mentor/coach the next Scott McLaughlin (KartSport Patron)
  • Race Control
  • Pit Gate Control
  • Flag Marshals and more

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    1. Complete the application form HERE (or email our Competitions Manager HERE)
    2. We will connect you with a local club and our Training Co-ordinator
    3. Commence Training
    4. Go Racing!


    • This is a volunteer position
    • Travel, accommodation and meals allowances apply
    • All applicants considered
    • Event Calendar CLICK HERE
    • Local Clubs CLICK HERE and hit the "Clubs" tab

    Warrick Parkes

    Competitions Manager 

    KartSport New Zealand​​​​​​​


    For most Clubs in New Zealand, the struggle is to find the required level of Race Officials to meet their Clubs Safety Plan to enable them to run a club day, and even before COVID19

    For this reason, KSNZ many years ago introduced a Grade Four Race Official option. To become a Grade Four Race Official is a two-step process, completing some online training modules and then assisting at a club day under the supervision of a Grade One, Grade Two or experienced Grade Three Race Official for three club days.