The Vortex ROK DVS engine is an option for both Junior and Senior Age Groups. It is based on the current CIK-FIA OK concept engines featuring direct drive and a decompression valve to assist push starting. The version we use in New Zealand is the same as that used in the FIA Academy class and in other countries around the world.

No change to the engine is required to transition between Junior and Senior classes. Just adjust your kart's MAW and go racing.

Vortex has produced a comprehensive Installation, Run In and Service Manual. The Manual includes a list of tools required, step by step instructions with pictures, run in guidelines, service recommendations, key torque settings etc.

NOTE: FUEL, Vortex recommend 98 octane (RON) minimum.

NOTE: Spec oil must be used. Please see the relevant class rules in Section E for the correct oils HERE

CLICK HERE for the ROK DVS Installation, Run In and Service Manual - (July 2018)

CLICK HERE for the ROK DVS Eligible Engine Numbers List - (Issue 10 updated 11-1-2024)

CLICK HERE for Section N Rule 2 (the current engine rules)