All Serious Accidents - Race Track or Off Track must be notified to

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A Serious Accident is when a person has been taken to a Hospital for treatment either by Ambulance or private means. Notification can be done online

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Health & Safety

Kart Sport New Zealand Guidance Documents

Karting Safely

This section of the KartSport New Zealand Health & Safety section provides specific guidance for all Members, Drivers, Officials, Clubs, Trade and Supporters involved in our sport.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements - Specific Minimum Standards Apply  
Follow the advice links below and pay particular attention to item 22 on the H&S Fire & Fuel Guidance For KartSport Instructions: "
All Kart Trailers or Kart Pit Sites must have a minimum of 1 x 2.5 KG Dry Powder ABE in service Fire Extinguisher, with a 3A:4OB:E rating". 

Applicable KartSport Rule is G1.19 Fire Protection, please read and ensure compliance

Please contact Shane  >  with any questions or suggestions concerning our guidance information​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fuel & Fire Safety For Karting: 

New Fire Extinguisher Requirements - Mandatory from 01 July 2021

It is important that fuel is stored and handled safely during  Kart Racing or Practice refer below for guidance and compliance:

  1. KSNZ Fuel Safety Document ( PDF)   KartSport NZ's guidance document for fuel safety for Drivers & Clubs
  2. Storing & Handling Fuel at Motorsport Events  (PDF)  The WorkSafe NZ guidance for fuel at motorsport events , is provided as an additional reference for KSNZ / Clubs / Race Teams - specifically for large event fuel storage.

KartSport New Zealand’s Risk Management Team have undertaken exhaustive research, collaborated with professional fire safety advisors and consulted Motorsport New Zealand before implementing the new Fire and Fuel guidelines and rules. A 2.5kg unit was deemed to be the best solution when weighing up, cost, transportability, convenience and safety.
​​​​​​​Please always consider the safety of yourself, your family and your friends. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst no matter if you are at a big meeting or practising at some remote track.

Quad Bikes

​​​​​​​Quad bikes and trailers are commonly used for race incident recovery and carrying out various functions at Kart Clubs. Quad bikes are safe when used and driven correctly. Please refer to the Worksafe NZ guidance for the safe use of Quad bikes - including towing with quad bikes. Kart Clubs and Drivers of Quad Bikes should operate Quad bikes as per the Worksafe guidance

  1. Quad Bike Safety - WorkSafe NZ


V3.4 Push Starting Direct drive karts may be push started by the use of a Quad Bike especially set up for the purpose of push-starting Vintage karts. This can only take place within the out[1]grid area and at NO time is the Quad Bike to enter the race track. The rider must wear long pants and long sleeves, an approved helmet and foot wear that complies with Rule G3.4. The push-starting procedure will be under the direction of the Pit Marshal and the Chief Steward. Approval to carry out this push-starting procedure will be made by the Competitions Manager or the National Steward on a case by case application with a summited plan of the procedure in the area where it will take place.

Pitting ( Trailer Park Safety) - Coming soon