ROK Cup New Zealand

Since 2016 Supreme Kart Supplies & Engines has promoted the ROK Cup New Zealand Series. The winners of the ROK Cup NZL Series in Vortex Mini ROK, Vortex ROK DVS Junior and Vortex ROK DVS Senior classes earn a seat at the annual ROK Cup Superfinal including cash prizes. 

Details regarding the 2022 ROK Cup NZL Series are HERE.

2022 ROK Cup Superfinal
KartSport New Zealand, in conjunction with Vortex and Supreme Kart Supplies & Engines is delighted to confirm the following seats have been allocated for the 2022 ROK Cup Superfinal in Italy (13-15 October 2022).

2x Mini ROK (2022 National Sprint Champion and 2022 ROK Cup NZL Champion)
2x ROK DVS Junior (2022 National Sprint Champion and 2022 ROK Cup NZL Champion)
2x ROK DVS Senior (2022 National Sprint Champion and 2022 ROK Cup NZL Champion)

Wild Card entries are also available (subject to conditions). Contact Supreme Kart Supplies & Engines for details.​​​​​​​
Each prize winner will be eligible for:

Free event entry at the ROK Cup Superfinal
Free complete kart for race (OTK chassis + engine)
Free tyres for the race
Free paddock spot and tent
Free hotel accommodation for the driver for the race days
Free lunch on race days
Free custom made OMP Team NZL race suit
Share of the Motul/kartSport International Travel Fund
$2000 travel assistance prize (National Championships prizes) from the Lascom MotorSport/Dunlop/KartSport International Travel Fund

Prizes subject to conditions

ROK Cup Superfinal New Zealand Representatives

2014    Ryan Wood 
2015    Billy Frazer
2016    William Exton, Joshua Parkinson, Brianna Morris and Mason Potter
2017    Jacob Douglas, Logan Manson and Kaden Probst
2018    Jacob Douglas and Tom Bewley
2019    Louis Sharp, Tom Bewley, Nathan Crang, Liam Sceats, Jacob Douglas, Rianna O'Meara-Hunt and Arie Hutton
2020    Jacob Douglas and Arie Hutton

2021    No representatives due to Covid-19

2022    Zach Tucker, Marco Manson, Sebastien Manson, Dylan Jessop-Collins, Clay Osborne, James van den Berk                  and William McDonald

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