Medical Intervention Code

KartSport New Zealand (KSNZ) is one of the safest forms of motorsport due to strict personal protective equipment requirements, race meetings restricted to KSNZ approved and certified tracks, events all of which operate under the National Track Code compliance system. However, KSNZ’s proud tradition of safe-speed race track activities does invoke the responsibility for clubs and promoters to at all times consider an event’s potential for injury and prepare resources accordingly.

KSNZ has consulted with stakeholders to formulate an agreed level of required medical services appropriate to each discipline and level of the event. Information was gathered through consultation with Motorsport New Zealand, our Medical Officer, medical directors and medical providers.

Different events present different potentials for injury to participants, affiliated clubs and/or promoters must consider the levels of risk and be responsible to provide a suitable level of medical response and treatment appropriate to the risk profile of the event. For example, it is acknowledged that a Club-Day may require less medical response than a National competition event, also spectator numbers must be factored into the risk profile and may require a higher level of response and treatment.

For further information and support please contact KartSport New Zealand Support & Risk Team: Click HERE