These rules relate to the basic responsibilities of drivers when racing.

Driving Behaviour
A high standard is expected and will be enforced. A kart must be driven at all times within the capabilities and expertise of the driver. In a passing manoeuvre, it is the responsibility of each driver to maintain his/her position on the track to avoid contact. A passing manoeuvre is deemed to have begun when 2 karts overlap each other by approximately 50% or more. Disregard of this rule may result in the offender(s) being disqualified, fined or relegated.

Dangerous Driving

including barging, shunting, chopping off, sudden line changes and weaving will not be tolerated. Offenders may be disqualified, fined or relegated. A driver may defend his/her position by moving off their line in the straights but in one direction only and once committed to an alternative line, must remain there.