Carrolls Motorsport Insurance, based out of London, are a dedicated sector of a traditional Lloyd’s Insurance Broker offering Karting specific products.

The Motorsport division is headed up by James Blair, a former Kiwi Karter himself with a wealth of experience in Motorsport and Insurance.

In 2016, James was involved in a horrifying crash at the Las Vegas Super Nationals and suffered a; broken neck, severe concussion, chipped teeth, dislocated shoulder, broken hand, broken rib, broken leg (3 places), broken foot and a Third Degree burn from the exhaust pipe.

Along with the laundry list of injuries, he was also issued a hospital bill of USD 68,903.25 – not covered by standard travel insurance upon review of the policy wording.

Fast forward 5 years, when James took over the Motorsport department at Carrolls, it was a top priority to offer cover to New Zealand’s overseas Karters.

This cover, as standard, includes £100,000 of Medical Expenses and repatriation cover. Ensuring no driver or parent suffers the same experience in an already highly stressful time, should something happen to them whilst competing abroad.

James has negotiated with London Insurers a fixed price for all Kiwis competing overseas, at £500 per trip.



i.          Death by accident

ii.         Permanent total loss of sight of both eyes                  

iii.        Permanent total loss of sight of one eye

iv.        Loss of two or more limbs

v.         Loss of one limb

vi.        Permanent total loss of sight of one eye and loss of one limb

vii.       Permanent total disablement (other than shown in benefits above) 

vii.       Emergency medical expenses including repatriation following an accident


i.           GBP 50,000

ii.          GBP 50,000

iii.         GBP 50,000

iv.         GBP 50,000

v.          GBP 50,000

vi.         GBP 50,000

vii.        GBP 50,000

viii.       GBP 100,000

If you’d like you arrange cover for an upcoming event – get in touch with James by scanning the QR code below, or emailing James.Blair@Carrolls.co.uk​​​​​​​


There is lots of information about our sport on this website, however, if you have any specific questions or need some more help either:

Email: office@kartsport.org.nz or phone 027 2747042