(May be read by either a single or pair of Officials at the drivers briefing at large events)

As Officials, we pledge to promote the ideal of fairness in competition at all times.

We will do this by using our best judgment and common sense to ensure the rules are upheld equally and without favour, regardless of our personal opinion or relationships.

We acknowledge that we hold a position of power and that our decisions can greatly affect all those involved.

We pledge that we will not take our responsibility lightly nor will we in any way abuse our authority.

In all our interactions, we will show respect for the skills, abilities courage and commitment of competitors, their families and supporters. 

(May be read by either a single or pair of drivers at the drivers briefing at large events)

In the name of all our fellow karters, we pledge to compete to our absolute best at this event, respecting the officials and abiding by the rules which govern our sport.

We understand as drivers and crew we are primarily responsible for our own safety and the safety of our fellow competitors and with this in mind, we race accordingly.

We recognize that although there can only be one winner there can be many victories. Success comes in many forms and we will celebrate them all.

We undertake that we shall compete with courage and honour, and in doing so uphold the ideals of true sportsmanship showing graciousness in defeat and humility in victory.