Updated CPF Strategy - 19-4-22

Considering the reduction in a wide range of government restrictions, KartSport New Zealand has now changed its guidance system going forward. A one page PDF with a simplistic explanation of our Covid Protection rules can now be found here. 

Please note: There is no longer a requirement for tracks to submit a Covid Safety Plan before receiving a permit, however they must display this new document above on their notice board in their track clubrooms.

KartSport NZ CPF Update - 5/4/22

With recent changes to the CPF or ‘traffic light system’, KartSport New Zealand has continued to stay updated and work through information from both the government and Sport New Zealand. Below are a few points to note ahead of future events, with more information and a overhaul of our H&S documents/pages via the KSNZ website to follow.

OFFICIAL ADVICE AS AT 5/4/22:As per government guidelines, KartSport New Zealand is no longer requiring the use of My Vaccine Pass for events, but is advising the following;

  • As KartSport events include both indoor and outdoor aspects of the Covid Protection Framework, plus Sport NZ protocols, masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces, i.e. clubrooms, tech shed, stewards rooms etc, with exemption given during seated food and beverage consumption.
  • Clubs have the right to add additional controls or require vaccination passes at their Group F events and in conjunction with affiliated promoters (if Group E / hosted events). In doing so Clubs are advised to use the Worksafe / MBIE risk assessment process as references for their assessment. If a Club / Promotor does apply higher controls then KSNZ must be advised and this information contained on the permit, supp regs, all media, marketing, communications and KSNZ website for Driver/Race official information.


As you may be aware, the government has today announced changes to the Covid Protection Framework, with this having an affect on all sporting events especially. While we work on updating all our Covid/Health & Safety information, a few key notes are available here;

1. All outdoor capacity limits will be removed from 11:59pm Friday 25th March. This in practice will see the removal of defined bubbles at race venues. QR code scanning will also be scrapped at this time. 

2. Wearing of masks outside is no longer mandatory and a decision to wear one is based on personal preference only. Face masks are still recommended as an extra precaution against Covid. 

3. Indoor capacity limits have increased to 200 people, but rules around being seated and socially distanced are unchanged. This may affect your local clubrooms for example.

4. Masks are still required in most shared/indoor areas.

5. No major changes to self-isolation rules which will likely still continue to impact the sport significantly as crucial personnel become unavailable.

6. Vaccine passes will no longer be required from 11:59pm Monday 4th April. 

*Any information below this text or previous to this dat is currently under review. Please check back later in the week for more updated information. 

Update 24 February 2022

Phase 3 Omicron Government Response Rules

Effective midnight


What it means for the nation:

  • Isolation periods only apply to positive cases or a household contact of a positive case – both for 10 days. 
  • Other Close Contacts will not need to isolate but monitor symptoms 
  • From Friday 25 February, if you are currently a Close Contact and are part way through your isolation, you do not need to complete your 10 days isolation and you will be permitted to leave. You do not need to get a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Use RATs as a diagnostic test (rather than just a screening tool) 
  • Self-Service Model for close contacts rather than directly managed by Min of Health.  The individual determines whether they are a close contact or a positive case – driven by PCR or a RAT result or by symptoms. We then upload info into a designated Min of Health website known currently as a Self-Service Platform
  • Only high-risk close contacts will be notified via the Self-Service platform (requires the individual to load up the phone numbers/emails of all high-risk close contacts of course) 
  • Minimal use of the GVT contact tracing or Bluetooth app – this will no longer be telling you whether you are a close contact and the Min of Health will not be notifying you either.
  • The Traffic Light System is still in place and the red setting still applies – vaccine passes etc.
  • Aucklanders can now get free supervised Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) kits from GP and urgent care medical clinics in Auckland. Go to health point to search for GP https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/covid-19/
  • RATs should also be widely available to buy in supermarkets next month and should cost around $8 to $10, the government says 
  • People need to record their RAT result at mycovidrecord.nz or call 0800 222 478

Update 20 January 2022

Vaccinations for Children 5-11-year-Old

Children aged 5-11 years can now be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

They receive a children’s dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which is a lower dose provided at a smaller volume than the adult vaccine.   

While vaccination among this age group is encouraged, 5-11-year-olds are not required to show or have My Vaccine Passes. 

They are still counted toward the capacity limit of an event or gathering but do not contribute to the vaccination status of an event or gathering. 

This means unvaccinated 5-11-year-olds at a My Vaccine Pass event or gathering do not make that event or gathering non-My Vaccine Pass.

If you do not already have a 'My Vaccine Pass', you can obtain one from My Covid Record | Ministry of Health NZ.

Update 07 December 2021

NEW: Covid-19 Protection Framework - Traffic Light System 

Update 01 December: The New Covid Protection Framework (CPF) replaces the Alert Level systems effective 03 December 2021. Click HERE for details of how the new Traffic Light System is implemented at KartSport permitted events

Many of the event management advice contained in these Alert level 2 instructions still apply and the page is being maintained in case any areas may return to a LOCKDOWN status

Update 27 October 2021

COVID-19 Protection Framework implementation update

The NZ Government has announced that the COVID-19 Protection Framework will be implemented from Friday 3 December and more specific details were released today ( 26-11-21)

This will mean events will need to comply with the new regulations set by the government in the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Kartsport New Zealand is collaborating with our fellow Motorsport National bodies over the weekend to review the information released today. We need to develop guidelines and procedures specific to our sport and these will be released as soon as it is ready and approved for use.

Kartsport New Zealand encourages Clubs to review the information released yesterday by way of the web links below

This link to review the Sport NZ Traffic Light Rules (COVID-19 Protection Framework)


This link to review the MBIE NZ Traffic Light Rules ( COVID-19 Protection Framework)


Contact Tracing Reminders

There are three important components to contact tracing that applies to everyone at the event, including spectators.

  1. NZ Government QR code poster – This must be on display, at the entrance to the facility and placed about the facility.
  2. Online Registration – Via KSNZ Sporty facility. This should include race participants, Officials and Club officer/ members running the event. Consider spectators entering via sporty.
  3. Manual sign in register- This is used to register any person who is at the event and has not entered online via sporty.
  4. A hard copy of the Online registrations must be on hand and placed with the Clubs level 2 safety plan.
  5. Contact tracing registers must be securely retained by the club for 60 days ( thereafter should be destroyed)

Club / Shop and Bar

Clubs have the responsibility to ensure the following are complied with if the Clubs shop and bar is to be opened.

  1. At all event facilities, if you are providing food and drinks everyone must be seated at a table to eat and drink. Tables should be spaced 1 metre apart to help with physical distancing
  2.  Persons serving or selling food and drinks must wear a face covering.
  3. If your event has a licence to sell alcohol, attendees must be seated at a table to be served. This means attendees will not be able to go up to the bar to order, even if they are ordering food or a non-alcoholic drink.
  4. If your event is not licenced, attendees can buy food and drink from the counter area but they must be seated at a table to eat or drink.​​​​​​​
  5. Shop Take Away’s - You must wear a face-covering when picking up your order and keep 2 metres away from people you do not know. i.e., queued at 2 metres spacing going in and out through a different exit, otherwise, a marshal shall ensure one in and 1 out of a single entrance.


  1. There is no social distancing requirement associated with participants ( Drivers)  while playing (driving/racing) community sport. Everyone at the event should maintain physical distancing of 1 meter and 2 meters from the person they don’t know.
  2. If you are having club events, consider limiting numbers to ensure 2m physical distancing can take place, take extra care on cleaning surfaces and when preparing food to minimise risks. Now is not the time to have a large club prizegiving or event. Think about keeping things simple. 

Face Masks

At Alert Level 2 the risk of COVID-19 being present in the community is high. Covid-Delta is highly transmissible via airborne aerosol particles.

  1. Attendees are encouraged to wear a face-covering where possible — they can take it off to eat and drink.
  2. Event organisers and running an event (Race Officials / Club Officials/Members/Trade) are strongly encouraged to wear a face-covering at all times. Mask wearing may be made mandatory at any time and or at the discretion of the club and or promoter


All persons have a duty to comply with  COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and specifically section 10, Health Orders issued by the Director-General ( Alert level requirements). Section 26 provides for a fine of up to $4000 or 6-month imprisonment for wilful/intentional failure to comply with a health order.

Please also follow all KartSport Covid19 policy and processes for event management and participation in the Health & Safety Links Click HERE

Check back often for the latest information

27 Jan. 2021 - Turn on Bluetooth Tracing

 The NZ COVID Tracer app has been updated to include Bluetooth tracing technology. Bluetooth tracing allows you to receive an alert if you have been near another app user who tests positive for COVID-19. Click here to learn more and the instruction to enableBluetooth tracing on your device

Covid Vaccine Event Status:

Update 01 December 2021

The New Covid Protection Framework Replaces the Alert Level systems 03 December. Click HERE for details of how the new Traffic Light System is implemented at KartSport permitted events

Many of the event management advice contained in these Alert level 2 instructions still apply and the page is being maintained in case any areas may return to a LOCKDOWN status

01 November 2021. Press Release

Motorsports’ governing bodies unite to navigate the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Following the Government's COVID-19 Protection Framework announcement the governing bodies of various motorsport disciplines in New Zealand have created a collaborative partnership. 

MotorSport New Zealand, Speedway NZ, Motorcycling NZ, KartSport NZ and the NZ Drag Racing Association have formed a collaborative partnership where they will work jointly with Sport NZ and NZ Events Association to develop a clear path to running motorsport events in NZ under the proposed new system. 

Whilst the Covid -19 Protection Framework has been announced, the legal detail of the framework to support the system are yet to be released. The lack of detail has flagged a raft of uncertainties for organisations and there have already been adjustments made to the preliminary details since the announcement on 21 October. 

A major point of the new framework is that vaccinations will be required at some point for events with over 100 attendees. As yet the rules around when and how this will be implemented and controlled are still to be set by the government. 

The collaboration will bring one set of clear guidelines for all organisations to use across their various motorsport disciplines. The pooling of resources will also enable the timelier development of the guidelines and create a stronger case for any lobbying to government agencies if required. 

All five motorsport bodies want to remind all members, competitors, crews, officials and volunteers that there is currently no requirement to be vaccinated to attend events under the current COVID-19 Alert Level system.  That may change with new government mandates that can and do appear without warning. 

Until the proposed Covid -19 Protection Framework is launched, each sport will continue to operate under their own COVID-19 guidelines that they have issued previously. 

Govt Vaccine Information HERE

Double Jabbed: Get your Vaccination Certificate HERE

 Current Covid19 Alert Levels

KartSport rules & information are provided to ensure the Health & Safety of all members, volunteers and officers.
​​​​​​​At any time one or more New Zealand regions may be in Alert-Levels ranging from 1 to 4. Above all else please abide by government and local authority Alert-Level instructions.
NOTE: KartSport New Zealand Events are not sanctioned to operate at Covid19 Alert Levels 3 or 4 and only at Level 1 or 2 where they are specifically approved.  
This includes events held in regions that are in Alert Level 1 but where attendees enter or visit from an Alert Level 2 area. Approved C19AL2 Tracks Click HERE

Stay calm and stay safe to race another day Team KartSport New Zealand!

Sport NZ - Level 3 and Level 2 tables

As a reference click the following links to download the current SportNZ - Alert level tables 

Alert Level 3 Click Here     Alert Level 2  Click Here

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