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You must enter each round to qualify for KartStars entry, points and prizes - Entry Deadlines Apply To Each Event!

2023 Hampton Downs NZ Racing Academy KartStars Series

Introduction: KartSport's ultimate test of our nation's race teams, drivers and machines proudly supported by Hampton Downs NZ Racing Academy
Incorporating some of the most challenging KartSport New Zealand Championships, including the CIK Trophy and the NZ Sprint Nationals, the series commences in January 2023 at one of the nation’s most iconic club Group E events, Auckland’s City of Sails and incorporates Harvest Marlborough in the South Island and culminates at a stand-alone at KartSport Rotorua’s Sulphur City grand finale.

KartStars Challenge Series participants will be true champions of the highest order enjoying a national series incorporating the 2023 Rok Cup NZL and the Premier KZ2 Elite program.

Series Entry Cost: FREE! Each event will be subject to its respective Supplementary Rules and club entry, as is the integrated Rok Cup that features at all five rounds.

Trophies: Outstanding perpetual trophies, along with keepsakes, are awarded to all Series class winners. 

Promotion: The series will enjoy unprecedented media promotion with the backing of a number of significant sponsors as the KartSport marketing team champion all entrant's progress, performance and results

How do I enter? Participating in Round One is all it takes to get started: KartSport Auckland’s City of Sails, and or any subsequent round, will be the base requirement for series entry. Participants may join at any round but note that all rounds count towards final Series results.

5 Rounds

  • Round 1   28/29 January 2023: City of Sails: Auckland
  • Round 2  11/12 February 2023: CIK Trophy of New Zealand: Hamilton     
  • Round 3  18/19 March 2023: Harvest Marlborough     
  • Round 4  7/9 April 2023: National Sprint Champs: Manawatu
  • Round 5   20/21 May 2023: Sulphur City - Grand Finale: Rotorua

Race Classes & Sponsors

Huge thanks to all our generous sponsors. We love and support you all. 

  • Cadet ROK as per Rule E3.1.1 
  • Vortex Mini ROK as per Rule E3.1.2 Kindly Sponsored by: Lab Grown Diamonds & Greg Holland Jewellery 
  • Vortex ROK DVS Junior as per Rule E3.1.5
  • 125cc Rotax Max Junior as per Rule E3.1.6 Kindly Sponsored by: Ingham Driven
  • 125cc Rotax Max Light as per Rule E3.2.3
  • 125cc Rotax Max Heavy as per Rule E3.2.4
  • Rotax DD2 as per Rule E3.2.2
  • Vortex ROK DVS as per Rule E3.2.7 
  • KZ2 as per Rule E3.2.5 
  • KZ2 Heavy as per Rule E3.2.6

Important Links

Supplementary Rules and Entry Forms will be added as approved

  • KartStars Series Supplementary Rules HERE
  • ROK Cup NZ Series Supplementary Rules & Entry Form HERE
  • KartSport Auckland "City of Sails" Supplementary Rules & Entry Link HERE
  • KartSport Hamilton CIK Trophy of NZ Supplementary Rules & Entry Link HERE
  • KartSport Marlborough "Harvest Marlborough" Supplementary Rules & Entry Link HERE
  • KartSport Manawatu National Sprint Championships Supplementary Rules & Entry Link HERE
  • KartSport Rotorua "Sulphur City" Supplementary Rules & Entry Link HERE

Media, Sponsorship & General Enquiries

Hampton Downs NZ Racing Academy KartStars points

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