Zoom Excellence (Tricks and Tips for Quality Zoom Meetings)

Online meetings are an excellent system for cost-effective collaboration and communication. Just like a kart on a club day, however, if you don't make sure your equipment is up to scratch, running perfectly and looking good you will not have such a pleasant experience.

Please join us all in playing by the rules to ensure we all get the most from the experience as poor light, poor audio and or poor manners etc make it hard for the rest of the field to get the most out of the meeting!

To Participate in Official KartSport Zoom meetings including emergency AGM's etc you must ensure you abide by the protocols below:  

Please do not be offended if you are not admitted, muted and or removed from the session if you do not comply with the Zoom protocol guidelines below

  1. Your track is clear: Zoom hogs bandwidth so please ensure if you can that the household is not flat out watching Netflix or SIM Racing while you are in the meeting. 
  2. Your vision is clear: It is really important for the rest of us we can see you. Face the light, avoid having bright ceiling lights or windows behind you of your facial features will be impossible for other participants to enjoy. You may have to turn on the video button when you join.NOTE: The virtual backgrounds are good if you have people and or distractions in your room but they themselves can be distracting as they often distort your face. Virtual backgrounds of foreign beaches and such are banned until we are allowed to travel!
  3. Your audio (sound) is crisp: Find yourself a quiet room if you can please without the dog or the TV in the background. You may have to turn on the video button when you join AND you will need to make sure your laptop etc is also set to the correct microphones and or speakers
  4. Mute: Ideally we don't like to have to mute everyone but that may be necessary, don't be offended. You can usually mute and unmute using your Space-Bar
  5. Video Must Be On: It is not just polite, it not only helps overcome some of the limitations of Zoom communications but it all aids security.
  6. Chat: Ensure you open the Chat room button (Bottom of the screen on a laptop) and type "Hand up" or simply make your comments there if you have something to say in the meeting proper. Just like on race day we sometimes get big fields attending and not everyone is visible the chairperson. We will have our support team keeping an eye out and they will alert the chairperson you wish to talk
  7. Be Patient: Again use the "hand up" button or comment please, if everyone talks over each other there may be the odd mechanical flag. You may be muted, please don't be offended.
  8. Password: Zoom is not 100% secure but they are tightening up so when you click on the URL that takes you to the meeting you may be asked for that password that was on the invite. Don't share the password please, this is your private meeting
  9. Recordings: Meetings may be recorded, by joining the meeting you accept these conditions
  10. Download the App and browser extensions: Makes the whole experience way better. HERE​​​​​​​

To add to your Zoom Experience:

  1. Speaker v Gallery View: Top right button allows you to toggle between seeing all participants (Gallery) versus seeing the person speaking as the most prominent. 
  2. Practice: Excessive practising is welcomed to make sure you are race-ready. We will try and start with an official practice approx 15 minutes before the meeting starts. Better still test online now HERE

No Go Line:

  1. Video must be on please: If you don't have a camera on your laptop, PVC or tablet join on your smartphone

More Questions:

  1. Contact your Zoom Meeting Organiser

KartSport AGM Instructions for Zoom entry and participation (Additional requirements for delegates)

  1. Only approved Zoom Authenticated Account holders can participate. Delegates set up your account HERE .
  2. Once you have set up your account ensure you have loaded your name clearly in your profile AND your Club Name
  3. Password and authentication will be required.