Procedures & Rules for Bucket Bike Practice &

Racing on KartSport New Zealand Affiliated Club Circuits

For many years Bucket Bikes have used kart tracks for practice and racing with the “dry hire” of circuits is common north of Taupo (e.g., EBOP, Tokoroa and formerly Mt Wellington), where this is cost and time effective. South of Taupo, where Bucket Bike numbers are lower, the trend has been to run in conjunction with kart Club Days (e.g., Taranaki, Wellington and Nelson). A number KartSport clubs are keen to foster Bucket Bike activity where this can be accommodated under their respective operating consents (including noise constraints) and within their event calendars and/or Club Day programs.

Considerable work has been undertaken by Bucket Racing NZ Inc (club affiliated with MNZ) and KartSport Wellington to develop a simple set of procedures and rules which satisfy each governing bodies’ requirements, especially as they relate to Health & Safety matters.

KartSport New Zealand (KSNZ) has worked with Bucket Racing NZ Inc (club affiliated with Motorcycle New Zealand) to implement and adopt MCNZ procedures and rules for all Bucket Bike activity on KartSport New Zealand affiliated club Circuits.

KartSport Club Inquiries regarding running events, integrated or dry hire: Review Guidelines and contact Competitions Department for authorisation

LINK: Motorcycle New Zealand Rules and Instructions for Clubs and Members