Statement from KartSport New Zealand regarding the 2021/2022 Australian Protour Series



Statement from KartSport New Zealand regarding potential participation in the

2021/2022 Australian Protour Series by KartSport New Zealand Licenced Competitors


KartSport New Zealand wishes to advise KartSport New Zealand Competition Licence holders of the following:

  • Trans-Tasman Starting Permission Visas (KSNZ Rule D4.3) (ref agreement between Motorsport New Zealand/Motorsport Australia and KartSport New Zealand/Karting Australia) are only valid for events organised by the respective ASN’s and/or their affiliated bodies for events registered on their respective competition calendars.
  • The Australian Rotax Protour events do not appear on the Karting Australia (the FIA and Motorsport Australia’s delegate for the regulation and control of Karting in Australia) competition calendar nor in the FIA International Sporting Calendar.  Therefore, under Article 9.10.3 of the FIA International Sporting Code (ISC) these events are classified as “unrecognised competitions”.
  • KartSport New Zealand will abide by its current Rules D4.3 and D4.1 regarding the issuing of Trans Tasman Starting Permission Visas, International Karting Licences and International Starting Permission Visas.
  • KartSport New Zealand will abide by the FIA International Sporting Code (ISC) and in particular Articles 2.1.5 Unrecognised Competitions (ISC page 5) and 9.10 Entries in Unrecognised Competitions (ISC page 26).
  • KartSport New Zealand notes that the 2022 Rotax Max Challenge Global Sporting Regulations state the following:


ROTAX MAX Challenge

Describes the concept of the ROTAX MAX Challenge program and specifying the regulations for the national RMC´s in various countries which are the basis for the qualification for the RMCGF.

All the parties concerned (FIA, CIK-FIA, ASN, organisers, entrants and circuits) undertake to apply and observe the rules governing the race events.

Any International RMC event shall be run in accordance with the RMC Series Sporting Regulations, the RMC Technical Regulations and the International Sporting Code («the FIA-CIK International Sporting Code») and its Appendices, with the Karting Technical Regulations («the FIA-CIK Technical Regulations») and with any international regulations including these, with the General Prescriptions applicable to CIK-FIA Karting International events («the FIA-CIK General Prescriptions»), as well as with any supplementary regulations drawn up by the ASN concerned.

Any changes or exemptions to the RMC Sporting regulations and RMC Technical regulations require the written approval of ROTAX following the agreement of the ASN presenting the series and or the CIK / FIA.



The Event shall be run in accordance with:

• the FIA International Sporting Code and its appendices

• the FIA and CIK-FIA official Bulletins

• the CIK-FIA Technical Regulations

• the General Prescriptions applicable to CIK-FIA Karting International Events (Chapter 4.1 of the International Karting Regulations)

• the Global Rotax MAX Challenge Technical Regulations 2022

• the Global Rotax MAX Challenge Project E20 Technical Regulations 2022

• the official Bulletins

• these Global Rotax MAX Challenge Sporting Regulations 2022

All drivers, entrants and officials participating in the RMC 2022 undertake, on behalf of themselves, their employees and agents, to observe all these regulations. The final text of these Global RMC Sporting Regulations shall be the English version, which will be used should any dispute arise as to their interpretation. Headings in this document are for ease of reference only and do not form part of these Sporting Regulations. Rotax reserves the right to amend this regulation.


  • New Zealand competition licence holders planning to participate in the 2021/2022 Rotax Protour will need to make their own competition licence and competition insurance arrangements and should not expect KartSport New Zealand to issue a CIK-FIA International Competition Licence and Starting Permission Visa for the 2021/2022 Rotax Grand Finals should they win/obtain a seat through participation in the 2021/2022 Australian Rotax Protour.


In summary:

  • The 2021/2022 Rotax Protour rounds are “unrecognised competitions”.
  • KartSport New Zealand is not going to provide Trans-Tasman Starting Permission Visas to its competition licence-holders to participate in such “unrecognised competitions”.
  • Participation in the 2021/2022 Rotax Pro Tour cannot qualify competitors for the Rotax Grand Finals.



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Karting Australia Announcement 26-2-2021: Karting Australia | IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ROTAX PRO TOUR COMPETITORS

Karting NSW Announcement 20-2-2021: 9 x TICKETS TO THE ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE GRAND FINAL OVERSEAS UP FOR GRABS | Karting New South Wales (



This statement has been prepared by KartSport New Zealand Inc. and approved by the FIA and MotorSport New Zealand.

Article added: Tuesday 27 April 2021. Updated to include 2022 Protour 24 Feb 2022


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